Reiki Healing

Reiki is a natural healing art and complementary treatment practice and can assist our return to a place of balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki was discovered by a Buddhist Dr Mikao Usui during a 21 day fast, meditation and prayer vigil on Mount Kaurama, Japan (sacred mountain). It was here that he discovered a great energy at the top of his head, healed and transformed himself completely and from here brought this healing to many students and healers and the world.

Reiki is classified as an energy medicine and augments the life force energy that naturally circulates throughout a persons body, sustaining health and vitality with a strong powerful flow of the same energy of the universe, bringing about health and wellbeing by accessing a strong powerful flow of universal energy.

What is Reiki – how can it help?

The experience of Reiki differs from person to person, treatment to treatment. Sensations may range from heat and cold to tingling or gentle waves of subtle pulsation flowing though the body, while others may feel nothing other than a sense of enhanced wellbeing. Sessions are carried out on a massage table, fully clothed and the Reiki Practitioner will place their hands just above or on the body to transfer the powerful healing energy. Reiki can assist with the following:

  • Pain relief & management
  • Subtle changes in views towards life, feeling more joy & peace.
  • Brings a sense of connectedness to help dissolve negative attitudes
  • Stress relief and deep relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, improves mood
  • Reduce blood pressure & pulse

Reiki does not diagnose or treat named diseases, Reiki supports our wellbeing and strengthens our natural ability to heal.

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