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Are you a new and upcoming Natural Therapy Practitioner, bursting with fabulous new ideas and a passion for energy work! Are you finding that you have it all happening in your head and heart and just can’t seem to get it all together with streamlining your business, systems and the green light to really get things going? Do you need to draw new clients to your business that are aligned with who you are and who you want to work with? Do you need to fine tune your Kinesiology Balancing or feeling a little rusty and need to sharpen your skills with your Emotional & Metaphysical Kinesiology work.

Rebecca is a Registered Kinesiologist and Emotional & Metaphysical Practitioner and Instructor. Rebecca’s Kinesiology journey began around 14 years ago and has grown into a successful Kinesiology Practice. Live Balance Grow grew from humble beginnings 10 years ago to a buzzing business in Mornington teaching Emotional & Metaphysical Kinesiology, supporting a large client base, a range of Vibrational Mist Products, regular Meditation groups, circles and workshops to support the Community.

What Mentoring offers:

  • Fine tuning your skills as a Kinesiologist, clearing up any bad habits, what is working and what isn’t. Offering solutions to streamlining a full Kinesiology Balance with ease, boundaries and professionalism.
  • Holding space for your clients. Ways to effectively handle tricky clients, overwhelming situations and tools to ensure your clients feel welcomed and supported.
  • Knowledge and skills and putting this all together.
  • Blending your talents and gifts to reflect who you are as a practitioner and your business.
  • Your vision for your business – long and short term goals and offering support to achieve your goals.
  • Ideas and solutions to creating a successful business so you can effectively allow your business to grow.
  • Setting session prices, abundance tips and tools for attracting clients.
  • Energy tips and tools, keeping your energy clear and vibrant.

Who is Mentoring for:

  • Students of Emotional & Metaphysical Kinesiology – students can claim points toward their annual CPE Activity as a EMK Practitioner.
  • Practitioners from other Natural Therapy Modalities
  • New Kinesiology Practitioners from any modality.
  • Kinesiology Practitioners who want to fine tune or freshen up their business.

Mentoring Sessions:

Sessions are held here at Live Balance Grow Studio in Mornington. I offer private sessions in person at the clinic or over Zoom.

Group sessions are also available for up to X4 students (max). Group mentoring is available at the clinic or on line via Zoom. These sessions are for Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology Students only!


  • Mentoring 1×1 $150 per hour
  • Mentoring Group $220 Sessions per 60mins – with up to x4 students only!
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