On Line Sessions

Due to the current changing times On Line or Remote Energy work is growing in popularity. I currently use on line platforms for my clients that have moved interstate, unable to come into the clinic due to illness or commitments with work or home or simply want to try Kinesiology in a different way…..

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How remote sessions work?

“Energy is everything and everywhere”. Kinesiology balances subtle energy within the body, the energy does not have boundaries like the physical body, therefore we can balance your energy from a distance. I connect to your energy using my own muscles as a surrogate to yours – once this is done I can am able to delve into the blockages or imbalances that need to be addressed in relation to your goal or desired outcome. The outcome is a calmer, more confident you – balanced mind, body and spirit to the goal that you desire.

Remote work and the format that I use is the same as it is face to face

  • We will discuss the “stress” physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, etc
  • A goal will be set and discussion around what you want to achieve or shift.
  • I will tap into your energy and use my own muscles as a surrogate for yours.
  • During the balance I will remain constantly connected to you and your energy – you may feel the subtle shifts of energy, have moments of awareness, feel emotional, feel lighter, calmer and clearer as the energy shifts.
  • I will use a combination of energetic remedies to balance your energy.
  • Give you any home reinforcements that have come up for you – these may be an activity, essential oil, crystal, colour or affirmation….
  • I will email you the details of the balance and important information that has come up for you along with home reinforcements.
  • If there is something that you need ie – flower essence drops, these can be posted out to you the next day.

Remedies that I use

  • Acupressure and Meridian Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Flower Essences and/or Essential oils
  • Light, Sound and Colour therapies
  • Mindfulness activities, Visualization techniques
  • Affirmations and/or Oracle Cards
  • Crystals
Essential OIls
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