Soulful Sisters Sound Meditation


I have been playing the sound bowls for many years now and use them in my Kinesiology work to shift and balance energy. I began offering sessions to my clients as a way of assisting them on their healing journey and to keep them grounded, stress free, clear and focused. The sessions have grown from their humble beginnings and are a popular gathering every week for like minded souls to connect, shift and balance their energy.

The bowls definitely have their own magic and no session is ever the same. To enrich and support your sound meditation experience I will also connect to different essential oils, crystals, colour, energetic techniques, flower essences and affirmation cards. We will also spend time at the end to share and connect as a group, this is an important part of the session to ground and integrate your energy before you leave the session!

Benefits of the Sound Bowls…..

The sound bowls help to shift and balance our subtle energy. Just like our physical bodies, our energy bodies can get dirty and leave us feeling heavy, stressed, not focused, cranky or confused, basically we can feel our of alignment. These are some of the benefits of the sessions…….

Sound Bowls
  • Induce a sense of calm & peacefulness
  • Aid to meditation
  • Reduce tension
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces respiration & blood pressure
  • Synchronizing brain hemispheres – brings clarity
  • Enhances creativity
  • Emotional release & letting go
  • Deep sense of calm
  • Feeling grounded & connected
  • Spiritual growth

When experiencing the Sound Bowls people may see colours and visions, hear messages, feel a range of body sensations  and have an emotional release and access altered states of consciousness. Most people will experience of deep sense of calm, relaxation, centred, connected, peace and some may fall asleep! For people with a busy mind, it can take a few sessions to allow the mind to calm the chatter and begin to follow the beautiful healing sounds of the bowls.

Session Times & Details

  • Friday mornings 10 – 11.15am FULLLY BOOKED
  • Friday 12.45 – 2pm – NEW INTAKE FROM FEB 2021
  • Duration – 1.15hr
  • Cost $25.00 Incl. gst
  • Bookings are essential – email or book on line
  • Adults only – no children please!
  • Capacity – x8 people only
  • Bring your own mat, blanket, water bottle & pillow if required.
  • Supplied beautiful herbal teas and treats during discussion time.
  • Zoom will still be available if you cannot make it to the studio – and want to attend!


Contact me on 0411 957 259 or email me at to register you interest or secure your spot!

Session Dates for 2021

February5, 12, 26th
March5, 12, 19, 26th
April23, 30th
May7, 21, 28th
June4, 11, 25th
July16, 23, 30th
August6, 13, 27th
September3, 10, 17th
October8,15, 22, 29th
November5, 12, 19, 26th
December3, 10, 17th
February 20202TBA
Dates 2021
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