New Clients Sessions

New Client Session

A first time Kinesiology balance can be a very powerful and deep experience.  During the balance you may experience both physical and emotional shifts – they may be physical sensations, tingles, pressure or lightness, heat or cold, you may feel emotional or have an amazing moment of awareness.

During our appointment I will collect personal information from you that will remain private and confidential, we will delve into the cause or root of your issue or imbalance and clear it energetically using different remedies and techniques. Kinesiology Balancing is always about what you want to work on and how and what you would like to clear. Being fully self responsible for clearing your stuff leaves a person feeling empowered and more willing to shift and heal on all levels of their being.

A longer appointment is required to cover all that we need to on all levels to ensure you leave feeling lighter, more empowered and clear in your body, mind and spirit. I will also provide you with take home information to support yourself and recommendations to support the balance.

Please make sure you are well hydrated prior to the session and that you have an idea of what you would like to work on and clear.

Who I work with…..

I work with Men, Women, Children and Teens. Kinesiology is open to anyone.

When working with younger children a parent needs to be present during the session, this helps the child feel more comfortable. If your child refuses to go on the table for any reason (this can happen with BIG feelings) I will work on the parent, using their energy, this process is called surrogating and just as effective.

I work with children aged 5-12yrs and teens 13-17yrs.

In relation to Teen sessions the parent does not need to be present unless of course your Teenager prefers. Teen years are a huge time of growth mind, body and spirit, it is also a time when issues arise with school stress, relationships and peers….Kinesiology is an excellent modality to clear the stress and allows your teen to find a way through life while being empowered to find solutions to their own problems. This is an integral and important part to becoming an Adult.

Sessions for Kinesiology can be booked on line via the button below.

Please note – cancellation polices apply -Cancellations made less than 24hrs will incur a charge of %50 of the scheduled consultation fee.

Send me a message…….

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