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This page is for the use of Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology Students. After completing your Kinesiology Course with Live Balance Grow down load the required documents (PDF) found below under the EMK Course heading, complete and return to me via PDF documents only to for marking.

To receive your Certificate of Proficiency in each course you must complete the required classroom attendance hours, in class presentation and the out of hours case studies and questionnaires associated. Please refer to the email you have been sent after the EMK Course for instructions on how to complete your out of classroom hours.

Kineasy Intro Course

Mastery 5 Elements Core Essence & Character

Meridians River of Chi

Chakra Healing

Transpersonal Chakras

Aura Balancing

Student Products

Products available to purchase via my online store or from the Studio in Mornington. Please find below a list of the items used at the Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology Courses. These products have been lovingly made by Denise Robinson he Author of Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology and are powerful remedies to clearing and balancing energy.

My Studio in Mornington also stocks a large selection of crystals, affirmation cards, space clearing products, Essential Oils and Vibrational Mists. As a student of EMK and Live Balance Grow you receive 10% off these products.

Buy now or use the order form below to click and collect from the Studio in Mornington!

Sprays & Oils

  • Element Balancing Sprays $30ea
  • Chakra Balancing Sprays $30ea
  • Element Balancing Oils $25ea
  • Chakra Balancing Oils $25ea

Full Product Sets – Save 10%

  • Element Spray Sets – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood $135
  • Element Oil Sets – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood $112.50
  • Chakra Balancing Sprays – Base, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Brow, Crown $189
  • Chakra Balancing Oils – Base, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Brow, Crown $157.50

Reference & Wall Charts

  • Essential Oil Reference Charts $40ea
  • Crystal Reference Charts $50ea
  • Colour Reference Charts $20ea
  • Aura Charts $12ea
  • 5 Element Meridian Wall Chart $80ea
  • Chakra Emotions Wall Chart $65ea

Stockists for Kinesiology Products

Flower EssencesSkyflowers
Bach FlowersEbay/Oborne Health Supplies
Australian Bush Flower
Colour TherapyColour GlassesGloFX Color Therapy
Renascent College
Light TorchEquilibrium Kinesiology
Affirmation CardsNumerous Brands/types/stylesLive Balance Grow Kinesiology
CrystalsCrystal World / Qi Crystals
Tuning ForksFull Sets / Individual ForksEquilibrium Kinesiology / Ebay
Sound BowlsCrystal BowlsQi Crystals
Tibetan Bowls (metal)Sacred Source
Wall ChartsEMK Kinesiology ProductsLive Balance Grow
EMK Kinesiology ProductsBy The Bay Kinesiology
Essential OilsNew Directions
Oborne Health Supplies
Space ClearingMists, Sage, Palo SantoLive Balance Grow Kinesiology
Shamanic ToolsWands, crystal wands, Live Balance Grow Kinesiology
Massage TablesTables, covers, bolsters
Aura SomaPomander Sets x17

Order Form

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